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DJ Gekko

Philip "DJ Gekko" PremDas is a native Washingtonian who was raised to appreciate different cultures and genres of music. With his mother from Trinidad & Tobago and father from Washington, DC, it is not surprising that his favorite genres of music are Soca, Go-Go, and Hip Hop. Gekko began playing music thirteen years ago by default. He learned the art of selection, blending/mixing, and vibe building from five of his closest friends, while exploring the Caribbean party scene in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC (aka “The DMV”). Those five friends just happened to be some of the most sought-after DJ's in the DMV's Caribbean Market. By channeling his strong work ethic, business acumen, and “practice makes perfect” mentality, DJ Gekko was playing for private/public events and in major night clubs all over the DMV within six months of touching his first turntable! Gekko has played in numerous night clubs across markets internationally and the DMV. He has been the Road DJ for Carnival Mas bands in the DMV, Miami, and Trinidad & Tobago. His versatility and ambition are his biggest strengths. He prides himself on giving it his all no matter how large or small the audience. DJ Gekko will continue to be a staple in the DMV and will maintain his drive to introduce the world to his musical talents. #GetHipToGekko


HAILING FROM Kingston Jamaica. With over a decade of experience in the hottest international events in Washington DC KASHRAG has mastered the craft of entertaining a crowd. A product of Howard University this Jamaican is not your regular Dancehall Selector. His versilitiy transcends the Black Diaspora. Spinning the hottest dancehall, reggae , soca, afrobeats and more. On any given night he will take you on a journey around the world.


DJ Gary

DJ Gary G aka G-dubb aka G-fuss started djing professionally while attending Howard University in the mid-1990s. Nemesis Sounsation was formed by a group of college students, Blinks, Ev, Craig, Tony and myself, who enjoyed djing and wanted to share our musical knowledge with the world. Music has always been my passion ever since I was very young. I've played musical instruments from the age of 3, and that musical drive never stopped. I used to go to the record store with my late mother from an early age. His parents love for music and their collection of rare classics encouraged his love for music. After returning from a family trip to Guyana, South America, Gary left Guyana with a dub cassette featuring Supercat, Nicodemus, Fatheat and Yellowman. Upon my return to the US, I went straight to the record store and bought Yellowman's album. From then on it became a weekly ritual to save money so that he can purchase records. On weekends that I was not djing, I used to drive up to NYC and spend the day collecting records from record shops in the 5 boroughs then drive back to Maryland that evening. With over 20 years of experince as a music junkie, Gary enjoys playing for music lovers and party people. From concerts to clubs, special events such as birthday parties, engagement parties, and weddings, I enjoy setting your special night with the right soundtrack. I have continued djing throughout the DMV area consistently until now, presently at Club Timehri, in the Adam's Morgan area. The musical journey continues......

Jason Steele

Born in the UK during the era of Bob Marley jungle and dub step Jason steel has been immersed in reggae and dancehall music from his earliest days. He moved to Hartford CT and then the DMV as a pre-teen with his Jamaican parents. Jason Steele’s musical acumen has had the added benefit of global influences. He started playing music in the early 90's and toured all over America and Canada. Then linked with Born Jamericans to officially become their tour DJ. He toured throughout the Caribbean, U.S. and Europe while playing for Emperor Sound. In the late 90’s he started playing at HU Homecoming and Crossroads Nightclub. Jason has also made numerous appearances on local radios stations like Super Slice's Radio show on WKYS and DJ Celo's show on WPGC. In 2007 he formed his own Sound with Omar and Majestic and continues to be one of Timehri’s most popular DJ’s.